1.  Discern the message. The first and most important step in the creation
of any film for our Lord is to discern the message that He wants you to
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How to make a Christian film
2.  Write a treatment. Put something down on paper about this.  Whatever
our Lord has told you will be in accord with Scripture.  This is an important
step in which we refine and understand His message so that we can express it
to others.
3.  Write a screenplay. Once you know what our Lord wants you to say,
having tested it against Scripture, you should write a more detailed version,
such as the actual words of dialogue, important images, symbols, and
transitions, giving attention to the emotions and more directly spiritual
aspects that can be affected by the music.
4.  Create a storyboard. The succession of images can convey the message
more effectively than the actual words of narration and dialogue.  Giving
careful attention to this aspect of filmmaking will pay dividends throughout
the remainder of the film production.  This will be particularly helpful in
scouting locations, planning the shooting schedule, and shooting each scene to
convey His messages.
5.  Then, let go and let God.
That's right.  Set it all aside and then wait for 25 years until the Lord gives
you a wonderful, loving and talented wife and incredible children that can all
work together to make good Christian films.  They will start all over, paying
careful attention to things like casting, learning and using cameras, lighting,
and sound equipment, performing and recording excellent music, editing and
preparing the final film product and creating beautiful cover art.  It's that